Wallpapers for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 (with CarPlay!)



On June 7, 2021, Apple lifted the veil on future versions of iOS and iPadOS: iOS 15 and iPad 15. Shortly after the announcement, a first test model was unveiled for each of the two techniques. of work. It was an opportunity to eliminate the new wallpapers incorporated by the Californian firm. Here’s what they look like, then how to get them back to enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad:

To download these CarPlay wallpapers go below. You can get the offer as a zip file, or each image one by one if you want.

How to get these wallpapers?
From iPhone or iPad, tap one of the following inbound links:
Long press just before selecting “Increase photographs”.
Go to the Photos app on the desired wallpaper
Tap the “Share” icon
Select “Use as wallpaper”
And in CarPlay?
If in iPadOS and iOS 15, there are only two new wallpapers, for CarPlay, Apple has been more generous. In this case, the Californian company delivers, in iOS 15, 8 new wallpapers for CarPlay, generally with the exact model of the “lava lamp”.

Summary of the news:

  • Wallpapers for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 (with CarPlay!)
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