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“Before we began work on this program, we reviewed previous studies which demonstrated that there is considerable confusion about where our water comes from and the system that delivers it,” the area’s general manager said. 7, Valerie Pryor, in the press release.

“Our goal with this education program is to give voters a solid understanding of their water supply, so they can be better informed about potential solutions to our water problems,” she added.

Users can also learn about other potential local solutions such as the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project, which is a surface storage project; drinking water reuse, which uses treated wastewater for drinking water; and regional desalination, which is a process that removes mineral components from salt water.

But according to the press release, none of these projects on their own meets the water reliability needs identified in the 2019 water supply assessment and are all currently under assessment. A combination of projects will eventually be selected for investment and implementation.

Local officials agreed that the identified water supply reliability options required ongoing evaluation, and a community outreach program to educate Tri-Valley residents and businesses about the challenges of the city’s water supply. region and potential solutions needed to be developed, which led to the development of the new website.

“With this information, we believe residents and businesses will be in a better position to participate in the process of informing us of potential solutions we are currently exploring that will best meet community needs and values,” Pryor said.


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