Shaun White Fans Are Confused After Seeing His Valentine’s Day Instagram With Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev welcomed Shaun White back with open arms and a kiss…sort of.

After playing in his fifth and final Winter Olympics in Beijing, the three-time gold medalist bid farewell to the world of professional snowboarding. Although it was bittersweet, Shaun returned home to Los Angeles just in time to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend of nearly two years. After an exciting Super Bowl Sunday, Shaun and Nina appeared to be having a low-key celebration. But their foolishness still raised a few eyebrows.

“Nature finds a way….Happy Valentine’s Day @Nina ❤️,” Shaun captioned a photo of them together. In the photo, he and Nina wear transparent face shields intended to provide additional protection against COVID-19. Unlike the medical community, the couple didn’t pair them with face masks for optimal safety. Instead, Shaun and Nina went for a kiss with the gear on and well… it made for an interesting shot.

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Upon seeing the intimate photo of Shaun and Nina, fans immediately flooded the comments section. On the one hand, there were people who contacted Shaun with slight concern about his life after the Winter Games. “Shaun, what is it?” one person wrote. “Shaun is retired and forgot how to act 😂😂😂,” another fan posted.

That said, others couldn’t stop raving about Shaun and Nina authentically showing their humor on social media. “You are ridiculous and I’M HERE FOR THAT!!” a follower commented. “Funny!! Nina rubbed off on you! Having fun in life, way of being! Love you guys! ❤️,” someone else wrote.

On her own Instagram, Nina also posted playful photos. “Roses [sic.] are red violets are blue how great that I still haven’t had enough of you. I’m yours no refunds,” she wrote, to which Shaun replied, “All sales are final 🤷🏻‍♂️😂❤️.”

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While Nina enjoys sharing fun and carefree content, Shaun also enjoys letting fans see his light side. During his trip overseas, the former Olympian gave his followers a glimpse of what he does when he’s not on his board. Whether it’s chilling out with a face full of snow or eating tons of delicious food to pass the time, Shaun isn’t afraid to show who he is in real life.

On the face of it, he and Nina are on the same page when it comes to being goofy.

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