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Modelerthe Swedish sound technology company behind the invention of responsive music, launched its app with a suite of proprietary audio features and the goal of becoming the new industry standard at the intersection of social media and responsive music. As creators around the world realize that music shouldn’t just be a detached backdrop to the on-screen action, the Modeler elevates musical creativity to new levels by transferring the power of responsive musical arrangement from professionals to creators. The app is a music video editing tool with patented .MOO sound format: easy-to-use responsive music that adapts to the video, not the other way around. From remixing songs in real time to choosing from an extensive catalog of top-tier music, new features are guaranteed to improve video and social media. Responsive music is capturing the attention of the recording industry as it crucially offers a new revenue stream for artists and record labels in addition to traditional streaming, and is emerging as the new paradigm of music consumption with Generation Z. We had the chance to meet and talk with Moodelizer CEO Mathias Rosenqvist about the future of responsive music.

What is responsive music? How does responsive music and stem player technology work?

Reactive Music is a patented proprietary format that takes the ability to control music in real time to the next level. Traditional stem players work with parts taken from a song – such as bass, drums or vocals – which are then presented to the user for them to play separately and together. Responsive music combines the power of stems with an added dimension of creative control for the user and the creator of the music itself. Responsive music experienced on a smartphone, for example, can be controlled by any data generated by the phone, such as body and face tracking, video analysis, motion positioning, or just screen touch , to name a few.

Why are artists like Kanye releasing music in new formats beyond streaming?

In addition to the often low income level of artists on streaming platforms compared to other formats, there is another important factor. At Moodelizer, we believe that responsive music offers a way for artists to stand out from the crowd, build a stronger following, and establish a stronger connection with their fan base.

Traditional streaming offers very little creativity for the receiver/listener/fan. Streaming is static and you can just start and stop a piece of music. This means that streaming offers no interactivity between the artist and the fanbase. A closer connection with fans is becoming more and more important for artists. Look at the explosion of the K-pop scene and the Korean music industry, for example.

Allowing the music itself to be part of that relationship between artist and fanbase is the ultimate bond and having music in an open or editable format is the key factor here. Modelizer is on a mission to make responsive music the industry standard on digital platforms and revolutionize the way consumers interact with music through social media. Social media is of course a big driver here and video platforms like TikTok, Reels, Snap, Shorts and others are the ultimate arenas for such a relationship. Content creators around the world are looking for more tools to create with music the same way they have been allowed to enhance and manipulate their images. At Moodelizer, the company has just released the latest version of its app, a cutting-edge video editing tool with its globally patented .MOO sound format for easy-to-use responsive music that adapts to your video – and not the other way around. See here:

What does Moodelizer envision for the future of responsive music? Do you think more artists will start using this technology?

Yes absolutely. We have a significant number of Swedish and international artists and musicians at Moodelizer producing directly into our responsive format. They are very excited about the possibilities this brings. This opens up a whole new music market and a new source of income. “Opening up” a song to anyone to explore the depths and nuances and empowering them to affect how a piece of music is put together is definitely the future format of music. At Moodelizer, we believe that being able to personalize the music experience, whether for a totally different listening experience or to adapt it to a social media post, opens up a whole new world!

A huge thank you to Mathias and his team for sharing with us the latest developments in this technology! Modeler plans to expand the app’s AI capabilities and roll out new features controlling music through body tracking, facial recognition, emotional recognition, augmented reality, and more. New Modeler The app is free and available for download on iOS and Android now. For more information about the company, visit

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