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We are at the dawn of the 22sd century. Businesses and businesses have become more aware of their progress, burning both ends to be on top. The fierce competitor ship is on the rise, and the entrepreneurs are all set to bring innovation to the target audience by any means. What does a typical employee want in a workplace?

He needs a tool that handles routine problems like an expert. An editing tool that downloads online videos, edits and compresses videos, acts as a VR and CD converter, creates automatic subtitles, and converts videos from one format to another. We need such a tool to bring efficiency to the workplace so that the company can grow widely.

We are here to introduce you to similar software that would shock you from the bottom up. Wondershare UniConverter has a comprehensive toolkit to meet your needs. This article will discuss its basics and impeccable features that have created a revolution in the market.

Part 1: Wondershare UniConverter Basics

Wondershare UniConverter is a comprehensive video toolkit that converts, compresses, edits, records, downloads, plays, merges and burns videos. There are over 1000 formats that improve accessibility for all types of video and media players.

Offering the best screenshot toolkit with audio, 90x faster conversion speed, video metadata info correction and test preview, UniConverter pretty much has its base covered. In addition, various additional features enhance the video experience, for example a subtitle editor, watermark editor and smart trimmer.

This exceptional tool is available for all Windows and Mac versions. Most video editors do not support different versions of Mac. However, with UniConverter at their fingertips, Mac M1 users can now relax as it is available to them as well.

Part 2: Many Features Featured By Wondershare UniConverter

In-depth knowledge of the features offered by this exceptional tool helps users understand where they are investing their money. Moreover, it allows them to stick to one tool without downloading other editors and puts a strain on system storage. Fortunately, we have taken the liberty of presenting the many features of Wondershare UniConverter. Let’s take a look!

Interactive and intuitive interface

An interface is the first thing noticed by potential users and target audience. If users are having difficulty accessing different functions, the web developer may have failed miserably. With the introduction of Wondershare UniConverter 13.0, icons are self-explanatory and navigation from one tool to another is quick and effortless.

In addition to the user-friendliness, you can add the most used functions in “Favorites”. This helps them get to it in seconds. Moreover, any beginner can launch the tool and use it. The interface of each tool is redesigned and renovated to improve its use.

Video converter tool

Revolutionizing the world of video converters, UniConverter has set the bar high. The software offers 90 times faster conversion from one format to another. The output video is compatible with different devices such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Uni converter 2

What’s more, the video converter tool allows batch conversion, which means that multiple videos can be converted simultaneously, saving time. Batch conversion speed is improved up to 200% because it offers more types of GPU acceleration. With lossless conversion, more than 1000 formats are supported. They include MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV and MP3, etc.

Smart mower

The “Smart Trimmer” feature has brought a refreshing sigh of relief to videographers and almost everyone in the media industry. How the tool works remains a mystery to most users. The tool edits and removes silent parts of the video and synchronizes and sequences the video.

Uni converter 3

If the reporter shot a video where he was silent in some parts, the tool effortlessly removes those parts. It is not necessary to manually remove these dead parts as it would be time consuming and hectic work. The function uses intelligent video volume analysis to do the trick.

Video compression function

Wondershare UniConverter presents endless video conversion options which can be used for a wide range of functions. The quality of the compressed video is never compromised and the process is as efficient as it gets. The tool also supports popular formats and the batch conversion allows the user to update themselves.

Uni converter 4

There are over 1000 audio and video formats. It includes MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WEBM and AVI. The videos are compressed so that they can be sent via email and to different social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The tool also compresses video for mobile phones which have limited storage. The high quality compression makes the feature popular and highly usable in competitive working environments.

Automatic subtitle editor

Subtitles are an essential subject of a video. This is because there is a language barrier and not everyone understands native or native languages. Subtitles provide universal language for the audience to understand the content. Wondershare UniConverter is particularly useful in this situation.

Uni converter 5

UniConverter converts voice to text and automatically creates subtitles. The user does not have to design and transcribe them manually. In addition, errors are minimized and efficiency is guaranteed at all times.

Video downloader and player

Wondershare UniConverter offers its unmatched services if one wants to download videos from online websites. The video can be viewed and downloaded from over 10,000 websites including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Lynda. The download process ends in the source format, but other formats can also be chosen according to the user’s needs.

Uni converter 6

Likewise, UniConverter also acts as a player. You can test-verify the video as soon as it is downloaded. It can be ensured that the video is downloaded in the correct format and the quality is exceptional. The user has extensive format options as well as their sizes and resolutions.

The format includes MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, HEVC MP4 and HEVC MKV, etc. Resolution choices include 3840 * 2160, 1920 * 1080, 640 * 480, 1280 * 720, etc.

Screen recording

Screen recording has come true with Wondershare UniConverter. The crisp 1: 1 recording of custom screens, games, video calls, webcams and system audio has driven the world crazy. The feature is very effective for people who like to present their screens while scoring a perfect goal in a game.

Uni converter 7

There is minimal loss of quality with respect to this exceptional attribute. User is free to configure recording frame rate and schedule recording. It saves time and brings authenticity to the video.

Auto crop tool

As the term implies, the “Auto Crop” tool automatically sets the frame of the video based on the actions in progress. It crops the video from 16: 9 to 9:16, 1: 1, or any other aspect ratio while paying attention to the main subject.

Uni converter 8

The process takes into account the unique frameworks of different social media websites, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The automatic identification feature has created a storm in the market effortlessly.


Productivity is the basic need in a workplace. If you are in a very competitive media industry, you need a tool that makes you efficient. Software that compresses, edits and converts videos by offering a watermark editor and an automatic subtitle editor.

Wondershare UniConverter has taken the responsibility of offering a complete toolkit for everyday video needs. The article discussed eight outstanding features. Users are supposed to study them for efficiency in personal and professional life.

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