How to add page numbers to PDF documents


If you are a Windows 11/10 user and have PDF files with missing page numbers, the tools covered in this article will be useful to you. You can easily add page numbers to your PDF document that will help you know what content is available on which page exactly on a particular PDF file. These tools do not overwrite or make changes to the original PDF. A separate copy of your PDF file is generated.

How to add page numbers to PDF

We have covered 3 free software and 2 online tools to add page numbers to PDF in Windows 11/10. These are:

  1. A-PDF number
  2. Smallpdf
  3. PDF24 Creator
  4. PDFTK generator
  5. AvePDF.

1]Number A-PDF

A-PDF number software

A-PDF Number is free software that you can use for personal and business purposes. It offers various settings to customize the page numbers. For example, you can define a custom color for page numbers, add a prefix, set a position (bottom middle, bottom left and bottom right) to display page numbers, set an offset (the page from which the numbering should start ), etc. displays a real-time preview of page numbers based on the options you set.

You can also define Number type (upper case Roman number, lower case Roman number and number) to add page numbers to PDF which is a nice feature. The options to set the start page and end page for page numbering are also available which I find very useful. For example, when you have a PDF with hundreds or thousands of pages and you want to add page numbers from page 1 to page 10, these options will be very useful.

Take this tool from and install it. Open the software interface and use the Browse button to add your PDF file. After that, you can use the options available on its interface for page numbering. Finally, press the To treat and save the output PDF to a folder of your choice.


Small service pdf

If you don’t care about the appearance of the page numbers that you are going to add to your PDF document, then Smallpdf is a good option for you. This service offers a very simple Page numbers tool to add page numbers to PDF document.

This tool does not come with any additional options like setting page number color, prefix, etc. You can only set one position like top left, top right, bottom middle, etc. to number the input PDF file. The good thing is that you can also preview the output PDF before downloading it to your computer.

You can access it from There, use Choose file button to add PDF from your computer. If you want, you can also use the drop-down icon to add a PDF from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

After the PDF is downloaded, set the position of the page number using the right section, and then press the button. NUMBER OF PAGES button. After the PDF is processed, you can preview the output with the page numbers. Finally, use the DOWNLOAD button to get the output PDF.

3]PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator is the desktop version of a service called PDF24 Tools. This toolkit brings 30+ different tools. You can use it to edit PDF documents, compare PDF documents, sign PDF documents, convert PDF to other file formats, add watermark to PDF and much more. Add page numbers is one of those tools that you can use to number PDF file.

The best part about this tool is that it supports batch processing. So you can add multiple PDF files simultaneously and process all files in the queue at one time.

Install this tool, uncheck unnecessary options during the installation process and complete the installation.

Launch PDF24 Creator and click on the Add page numbers tool. Now add your PDF documents using the Choose files button. Once the PDF files are added, the page numbering options like font type, font size, position, page number color, angle, etc. will be visible to you. Use the options as needed.

By default, page numbers are added in {NUM} / {COUNT} format, where NUM represents the current page number and COUNT represents the total number of pages in the document. You can remove the {Count} part and / or add a prefix if necessary. You can also set the values ​​for the horizontal and vertical distance of the numbering to the edge of the pages.

Once all the options have been defined, press the key. Add page numbers button. It will process the PDF file (s) and provide the download button to save them to your computer.

4]PDFTK generator

PDFTK generator

PDFTK Builder is also free software that allows you to split and merge PDF files, rotate PDF pages, add numbers, stamps or background to PDF. Only one PDF file can be added to add numbers to the input PDF. You cannot select the position to add the page numbers. Page numbers are added to the lower right of PDF pages. A Document protection is also available that you can use when adding page numbers. This feature allows you to add owner and user passwords, enable / disable printing authorization, copying content, etc.

After installing this tool, launch it and then click on its Background / Stamp / Number tongue. In this tab, select the Page numbers option. After that use the Source PDF document. button to add the input PDF file. If you want, you can also skip the numbering of the first page of the input PDF using the available option. Finally, press the Save as button to get the output PDF file with the page numbers in the folder of your choice.

This tool does not provide additional options like set font type, page number size, add prefix, etc., but the purpose of adding page numbers to PDF is served very well.



AvePDF is an online tool that provides various tools to perform PDF related tasks, such as compress PDF, eSign PDF, convert PDF to other file formats, convert 100 PDF file formats, edit PDF, split or merge PDF, etc. Page numbers is one of its tools which helps to add page numbers to PDF document.

Its Page Numbers tool allows you to set the font type, font size, font style, and text style (Page #, Page # of #, etc.) for page numbers. You can choose where you want to place the page numbers. You can also define a custom page range if you do not want to paginate all the pages of the document.

This tool also shows a live preview any changes you made to the page number settings before processing the document. This will give you a good idea of ​​how your PDF pages will look with the page numbering style you have defined.

Follow the steps on how to add page numbers to your PDF using AvePDF’s Page Numbers tool:

  1. Access the Page Numbers tool for the service
  2. Download a PDF from your computer using Choose file button. The maximum file size for downloading is 256 MB. You can also upload a PDF from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Online PDF URL can also be added by adding the page numbers
  3. Adjust the page number settings using the Text options section available on the left side of its interface. Numbering, appearance, positioning, and page range settings are available. When you adjust the settings, the preview of the page numbering is visible in the right part of its interface
  4. Once the settings have been made, click on the Page Button available on the lower part.

Finally, the tool will process the PDF and provide the download link to save the PDF.

Can I add page numbers to a PDF?

Yes, it is possible to add page numbers to a PDF document. This can be done using free tools available on the internet. For your convenience, in this article we’ve listed some good, easy-to-use tools. While some of them offer different settings to change the appearance of page numbers, others automatically add the numbers in their default format, making it easier for users.

How to add page numbers to PDF without Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC comes with a feature to add Bates numbering to PDF, but this feature is available in its pro plan. Therefore, for those users who want to add page numbers to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and for free, there are many tools available. Some of these tools are already covered by us in this article. You can use software if your documents are confidential and the file size is larger or just use an online tool as per your requirement.

add page numbers to pdf


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