How to Add Fonts to Microsoft Office in 5 Steps



When you download Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac, many fonts are automatically installed at the same time. These are standard fonts that are used all over the world, and most of them are simple, straightforward, and easy to read.

More specialized applications, such as Microsoft Publisher, have more fancy fonts automatically included, but if you want a unique font for this particular project, how do you include it in Microsoft Office applications?

  1. Find the police

    There are literally thousands of fonts available on the internet. Many are free for personal use, but for commercial use they must be purchased. There are many sites where you can purchase a specific font or even have one made especially for you.

    For this article, we used the 1001 Free Fonts site to demonstrate how to get new fonts for your Microsoft applications. Follow steps 2 through 5 if you used a different location to collect your policy.

    On the site you’re on, select the font you want to download.

  2. Locate the downloaded file in your downloads folder

    How to add fonts to Microsoft Office

    For most people, anything downloaded from the Internet is in the system downloads folder. If you are using a different location for your downloaded files, look in that folder.

    Many fonts come as compressed files, so you will need to click on the file to open it and find the actual font.

  3. Open the font file

    How to add fonts to Microsoft Office

    When you click to open the compressed (zip) file, examine the included files and locate the TrueType font file. Click on the TrueType font file.

  4. Install the font

    How to add fonts to Microsoft Office

    When you click on the TrueType font file, a pop-up screen similar to this one will open. This pop-up shows you what the font will look like in different sizes. If you are happy with the font, click Install and the font will be installed for you.

  5. Use the font in your Microsoft products

    How to add fonts to Microsoft Office

    When you search your Microsoft product font files (here we are using Word) you will find the new font ready to use.


    Keep the original zip file you downloaded in a separate folder. If you need to reinstall Microsoft Office for some reason, you may find that your downloaded fonts do not automatically transfer to your new installation. If you’ve kept them all in a separate folder, they’re easy to find and reinstall as part of the process of setting up your new Office.

One policy per day …

Adding fonts to your Microsoft Font Library is an effortless process, but choose wisely. Many fonts can look beautiful, but the text is almost unintelligible when you type an entire word using them. The situation is aggravated for visually impaired readers or for those who read on a mobile screen. If people have to spend time trying to decipher what you’ve written, they might just give up and leave the page.

Using fonts intelligently can make a huge difference to your web pages. Fonts tend to evoke emotions in your readers, and it is this emotion that turns the font of your page text into an integrated component of your entire layout.



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