Here’s how to download all your photos from Instagram


With a simple trick, you can easily send all the content by email.

Hours Facebook’s total failure It showed how much we depend on a supplier. Facebook servers are also gone To share Below is the main method for contacting multiple people.

Same Instagram Left. For many users, it seemed worse than deleting WhatsApp and Facebook because this service is a photo album full of memories for them. After all, no data was deleted or corrupted during the failure. If you still want to make sure Instagram posts aren’t lost, you can download all of your content.

We will tell you how to do it. In the short version here, detailed below:

  • Instagram profile Open the menu at the top right Settings To select
  • Here “Security“Open and”Download data“To select
  • Enter the email address and password associated with the account
  • Wait for the email to land in the mailbox
  • Reconnect to Instagram using the link (Also works on desktop)
  • Data can be downloaded as a ZIP file

Instagram offers the option to send you all the data that you have uploaded to Instagram in one go. To do this, open your Instagram profile “Settings“On List Top right. Then go to the point “Security“And open”Download data“.

This is where you need to get E-mail adress The account is linked and linked Password. If all goes well you should move on 48 hours Wait for the email to land in the mailbox. In our test, it lasted 10 minutes.

There is a link in the return email to Instagram. You have to log in again, then you have to log in Account settings. By link “Download information“You can save a zip file containing all the photos and videos you have posted to Instagram so far.

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