Female Artist Shatters Cryptoart Glass Ceiling


Until July 22, Superchief Gallery NFT, the world’s first physical gallery space dedicated exclusively to NFT-based artwork, is hosting a solo exhibition for internationally renowned artist, Swoon.

Caledonia Curry, known professionally as Swoon, is widely regarded as the first female artist to enter the global street art scene.

Swoon’s solo exhibition is extremely important to the NFT field in general. Female-identifying artists have been largely absent from the media discourse around cryptoart, despite their significant contributions to crypto-verse and the field of digital art in general.

Entitled Cicada & Tymbal, the show will feature much of the same stop-motion imagery and animation from Swoon’s much-loved Cicada exhibition with Jeffrey Deitch, but this time in NFT format.

This exhibition, which marks Swoon’s first solo outing with the gallery, takes the viewer on an immersive visual journey into the artist’s personal history with works that interweave images of memory and mythology to signify metamorphosis. and healing.


The submersion and subsequent emergence of the cicada represent the personal transformation of the artist Swoon.

Swoon depicts vessels that hold the artist’s memories of childhood trauma resulting from a family environment marred by addiction and chaos.

“I think every time you bring your humanity and your personal experiences into your art, you create an art that has a certain type of truth. You create a situation where this truth can reach anyone, no matter how similar or how different your experiences are. By being very specific, you gain a kind of depth so that anyone can experience the work. “


Swoon credits New York and the creative process for saving his life. After a chaotic childhood in Florida, raised in an environment with addictive parents, Swoon moved to New York City to date Pratt.

Her fascination with the city led her to break into the male world of street art.

Asked about the challenges she faced as she emerged into this space, Swoon replied, “I didn’t find it very difficult. There was some anonymity at the start, so no one really knew who was doing what. It was almost like a blind audition, like when a concert pianist auditioned and the judges couldn’t see the gender of the person.

“The street arts community itself was really supportive. In fact, I find the world of top-of-the-art to be a lot more sexist than street art. If you just look at the number of people who are collected by museums and whose works are auctioned at different levels, you see a very intense level of sexism. With street art, it’s treated more like an open public space and we all did it illegally. So it wasn’t about permission at all, it was just about getting it right.

After facing her trauma and learning more about the underlying issues that prompted her parents to self-medicate, she chose to help others heal through her art, outreach activities, and projects. community.

In response to her choice to incorporate traumatic personal experiences into her work, Swoon responded, “For me, it’s a choice between emotional exhaustion of avoidance and emotional exhaustion of dealing with things. Emotional exhaustion from avoidance is perpetual and everlasting, but emotional exhaustion from dealing with things has a lifecycle. So, I tend to choose the path of going straight to things.

Swoon strives to help alleviate the suffering of other addicts, showing compassion and illuminating the tools to cope with their trauma and begin the healing process.

His imagery emanates from the artist’s journey through the process of psychedelic therapy in a style reminiscent of German Expressionism.

“With each generation, artists find a new tool and discover how to use it in their own way. Everything goes back to the Renaissance with the invention of oil painting. New technologies are changing the way artists are able to do things. And that’s exactly what’s going on here with NFT.

Photograph by: from Swoon


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