ePac to add 11 more global flexible packaging sites, including Australia


ePac Flexible Packaging, an industry leader in fast-turnaround, short-to-mid-run flexible packaging, announced that it will accelerate its growth and transition to a global enterprise over the next 18 months. Eleven new sales and manufacturing sites will be established in Europe, Australia-Asia-Pacific, the Middle East/North Africa and North America, bringing ePac’s global footprint to 36 sites.

ePac is operational in Melbourne and will open a second location in Australia – likely in Sydney (image: ProPack)

Sydney is set to be the next ePac site in Australia, following the opening of the factory in Coburg, Melbourne last year. In Europe, a second plant will be added in the UK, France and Poland. In Austria, ePac Innsbruck will open in the fourth quarter of 2022, along with one or more new sites to serve the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. The company makes extensive use of HP Indigo 20000 and 25K 830mm digital web presses and a variety of converting equipment, primarily for small-batch pouches and pouches for SMEs.

ePac’s HP Indigo 25K in action at the Melbourne site

In the Asia-Pacific region, second factories will be added in Indonesia and Australia, and a new operation will start in Malaysia. The company also plans to create an Asia-based global services group to manage operations in the region.

In the Middle East/North Africa region, ePac West Africa in Ghana will open in the fourth quarter of this year, while assessments of new sites in Kenya and Turkey are underway.

Finally, in North America, the previously announced ePac Montreal is expected to open in early 2023, along with 3 additional factories in the United States.

Established in 2016, ePac is built on a disruptive business model that includes: 1) a fully digital and highly automated technology platform, 2) a commitment to the communities in which our factories reside, and 3) a focus on helping small and medium enterprises. brands compete and grow. As the company has expanded its extensive network of facilities and geographic coverage, it has enabled the rapid start-up of new factories and created the opportunity to distribute long-term jobs among multiple factories. ePac’s platform is capable of servicing all but the longest draw lengths.

According to Jack Knott, CEO of ePac, “To manage our growth and operations, our company is transitioning from ePac Holdings to ePac Global with an infrastructure to optimize market intelligence and growth in each country where we operate.

About ePac flexible packaging

Founded in 2016 with a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and compete with big brands, ePac has 25 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. ePac is 100% digital and leverages the latest in digital printing and workflow technologies, delivering fast time to market and low minimum orders. ePac offers a full range of sustainable film options, while its printing technology platform is carbon neutral and inherently environmentally friendly. Additionally, the company offers true on-demand ordering capability, helping brands reduce inventory and obsolescence.

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