Edmonds Waterfront Center Virtual Gala Raises $ 88,635 – And There’s Still Time To Donate

Jake Bergevin and the Javatown Orchestra perform for the Edmonds Waterfront Center Virtual Fundraiser.

Last Saturday, October 2 at 7 p.m., in front of a green screen, the little red light above the studio camera came on and we launched our first virtual gala and auction – raising $ 88,635.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, individuals and businesses who donated items and those who logged in and helped support the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

As if the virtual gods needed to remind us of the challenges of all things “online”, we had some technical audio issues at the start of the program, but quickly found our rhythm. Yet the biggest challenge with a virtual event is that we are not in the same room – missing the human touch we all yearn for. We’ve all learned to tolerate the world of Zoom, but true engagement in this world is seriously questioned.

The silver lining of the virtual fundraising event is that it is more inclusive – anyone can participate. When the donations started to arrive for our Fund a need in support of our senior meals program, it included gifts of $ 20 to $ 5,000. When someone gives $ 20, it’s often a stretch gift. This donor would generally not be able to afford a $ 200 ticket to attend a gala in person. It was heartwarming to see the gifts arrive from our members, volunteers, staff, family members, major donors and our Board of Directors. This is how we built the Waterfront Center – as a community.

The two highlights of the evening that stood out were the jazz performance at the EWC by Jake Bergevin and the Javatown Orchestra: vimeo.com/614659484/56dbdeb386

And fund a need in support of our Seniors Breakfast Program:animoto.com/play/xDmOMaPYkSYtvtEdK9VHrw

This lunch program goes straight to the heart of our mission. We are committed to tackling food insecurity among the elderly as well as their worsened social isolation during the pandemic. The Senior Lunch program addresses both. At the Waterfront Center, we are testing a new model of community cafe for this program where seniors who need extra help get a nutritious meal for a donation of $ 5, while the community orders off the menu and pays a price. of the market. No one knows who gets a subsidized meal and who pays the full price. And we all eat together.

Our goal for Fund a Need was $ 40,000. We have currently raised $ 31,232 to achieve this goal. If you missed the event online and would like to help us raise the remaining $ 8,768, please visit our website – www.edmondswaterfrontcenter.org – and press the Donate Now button. We would be very grateful.

The Edmonds Waterfront Center is yours. We are currently open, following COVID restrictions. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., we offer programs geared towards seniors. The City of Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department offers evening classes and activities and on weekends we rent the center out for events.

We will continue to look for ways (in person and virtually) to deliver safe and dynamic programs and to stay in touch with you. We do it together.

– By Daniel Johnson, CEO
Edmonds Waterfront Center

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