Download these Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers before the phone is released next year


Exclusive: Leaked Wallpaper Set lets you play S22 today

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There is still a month to go before the end of the year, but we already envision the glorious and promising future of 2022. Only time will tell what surprises in store for us, but we know one thing for sure: the Galaxy series. S22 will be in our hands before you know it. If you’re tired of waiting, you might as well dress up your current smartphone as the next one. We have four leaked wallpapers of Samsung’s next flagship for you to try.

With splashes of yellow, red, and green – not to mention a stylishly designed black variant that’s compatible with Dark Mode – these backgrounds should fit any device you’re currently using. They are reminiscent of the first wallpapers we spotted last year for the S21 series, with floating particle effects placed in front of solid backgrounds. It is reminiscent of sand, sometimes even resembling water with its pearl-shaped drops, each tinted in a tone to match the rest of the wallpaper.


We expect a slightly longer wait for the S22 series than the previous lineup, with a recent leak confirming a launch window in February. While the smaller S22 and S22 + appear to be refined versions of this year’s models, the S22 Ultra appears to be the successor to the Note20 we’ve been dreaming of for over a year now.

You can download all four wallpapers in a zip file to Android File Host here to try them out on your phone. If you’re curious about what the S22 series has in store for us next year, be sure to check out our Rumor Summary for everything we’ve learned so far.

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