Changing the Industry: The New Social App for Real Estate


The pandemic has changed the way we communicate; everything is digital and much faster now. National – and even global – real estate is becoming a big market as people increasingly move around and search for properties all over the world. Agents get licensed in many different states and there is complete crossover, especially in the luxury market.

It’s more important than ever for agents to get noticed, stand out from the crowd, and generate crucial inbound leads. Most agents have a website presence – and if they’re with a brokerage, they may only have a bio, if that’s the case. The reality is that agents spend a lot on advertising to promote themselves on big platforms that have limited effectiveness at best. Then there’s the old-school approach to email campaigns with never-opened messages and cold calling, our least favorite of them all. As real estate agents, we don’t have many tools to help us stand out and get known.

Enter REAL – the social app designed exclusively for real estate

REAL puts agents back in control of their business – and potential buyers in front of the properties that matter most.

I joined REAL CEO Thomas Ma in pitching this app because we’ve seen how big proptech platforms are reducing agent roles and control. With REAL, agents can promote themselves free rather than wasting resources on ads to attract potential buyers. Only REAL allows agents to stand out through the properties and content they present and what they choose to discuss, all of which reinforces the knowledge and unique perspective of the agent. Combining a social platform with powerful integrated messaging solves the problem of too many follow-up calls and correspondence, eliminating what has plagued the industry for decades.

Imagine an Instagram-like platform with WhatsApp-like messaging and contact lists, exclusively focused on our market. This may be the only tool agents will need. This is the future of real estate.

TRUE in action

Agents control the listings and recommendations they bring to prospects, homebuyers, sellers, and agents. When an agent’s stories and personality shine through, potential buyers browsing REAL online can choose to follow agents they feel compatible with and who have the experience that matches their specific needs. Subscribers can also contact agents directly on REAL.

One of the benefits I like the most about REAL is that it allows agents to preview properties not yet on the market to their profiles. Presenting my listings with beautiful photography in a way that can easily scroll through on my phone really helps me connect, arrange viewings, and even negotiate with other agents seamlessly.

REAL Community

Another important aspect of REAL is the possibility to create a contact list of subscribers, but also a global family of agents, which existing real estate applications do not offer. REAL stores data in its AI-driven platform, maintaining contacts and connections, an incredible asset for agents to connect with potential buyers at the right times and avoid during non-ideal times.

REAL was launched on the App Store almost a year ago and has over 150,000 downloads and growing rapidly. The majority of my Eklund | The Gomes team, 91 agents strong in 13 markets and five states, is already using REAL and seeing real results. It’s time to say goodbye to the inefficient tools of the past and “Get REAL”, changing the real estate industry as we know it.

Download the app or see the REAL website for more information.


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