Behind Gucci’s new experimental online space, Vault


Formulated from the vision of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Vault aims to exist as a platform for many functions; an archive, a library and a meeting place.

Now live, the new multimedia store offers a colorful composition with a range of sensory explorations alongside a curious range of products. The pieces include a range of restored Gucci archival items, as well as creations by emerging designers, in an editorial-like format. Accessories, vintage clothing and household items are part of the selection, including pieces from several collections of Gucci porcelain from the 80s.

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Currently labeled Edition 1: Discovery, the platform seeks to evolve with each additional version, expanding its offer and producing more experimental opportunities. Buyers must register at the exclusive store to purchase the items, with many Gucci pieces already sold out by day one of launch.

“I asked myself: why couldn’t a luxury house, with a creative director, have a space dedicated to expressive, aesthetic and social transmissions,” Michele said in a statement. “I created it with the most suitable medium of our time, this place where we can all go: the web. We have concocted a laboratory, a mine of ideas, curiosities, improbable encounters, since Gucci is a platform bringing together characters who, at first glance, do not seem to have anything in common.

He continues: “Vault is therefore a place where wonders hybridize and come together to bring new creations to life. In the end, Gucci’s greatest talent always evolves, never gets old. ”

Conceptual exploration

The Vault concept is defined by three underlying categories that each place more emphasis on the values ​​of the new online store. “Vintage Selection” is its most obvious category, with vintage Gucci second-hand pieces handpicked by Michele and in-house expert archivists. The items included have been repackaged and often personalized by Michele himself.

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“When I find these objects, they are like relics to me; mutant relics, ”explained the creative director. “We took care of them and chose them because we heard their tone of voice; we put them in that kind of showcase and I also treated them with love because I saw them all again, examined them, and they became wonders.

Items in this edition included the vintage 70s GG plus crossbody bag, Gucci’s 80s leather wardrobe, and classic printed scarves. Each individual product page comes with a comprehensive profile covering the history of the item and the history of its production.

Evolving conversation

Emerging designers make up the ‘Conversations’ category, highlighting an international variety of designers who have previously worked with the luxury brand at GucciFest, in 2020. The range currently includes figures such as Gui Rosa, Ahluwalia and Rave Review, each creator being selected. for their ability to challenge fashion conventions.

Image: Gui Rosa

Each featured designer has a dedicated page informing viewers about the story behind the brand, the production process and the collection available. The goal of the platforms is to continue to develop this collaborative concept to push the boundaries of traditional shopping and continue to expand the range of designers as the site grows.

Finally, “Editions” is a category which includes the multimedia aspect of the store. Digital short stories, poems and more are meant to both entertain and surprise viewers, with each new edition of the site providing new opportunities for experimentation.

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In its current edition, visitors to the site can watch whimsical videos about experts explaining the history of some ancient pottery, as well as a video examining the autonomic responses of sensory meridians using Gucci products. The platform also provides humorous style advice and showcases a number of self-portraits that include items from its archival collection.

The new digital concept store is a fascinating addition to Gucci’s list, allowing both the possibility of circular fashion and the possibility of highlighting upcoming names. It further allows Gucci fans and buyers to generate a more tangible relationship with the brand, fostering a dialogue that aims to inspire and bring an imaginative story to the Gucci title.

Image: Gucci
Image: Gucci

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