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ALBUQUERQUE NM, OCTOBER 2021 – The Albuquerque Museum Foundation presents the 31st edition ArtsThrive: art exhibition and benefit, From October 9 to December 5, 2021. Arts Thrive will be viewable both at the Albuquerque Museum and currently online via Austria.

Works can be previewed now and purchased online from October 9. The exhibition will be presented to the general public from October 9 to December 5, 2020 at the Albuquerque Museum; general admission to the museum applies. For more information on visiting the Albuquerque Museum, visit their website,

ArtsThrive Collectors Dinner

Thursday October 7, 2021 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Guests will enjoy cocktails and dinner, as well as an exclusive opportunity to purchase artwork before the exhibition opens to the public. Albuquerque Museum Director Andrew Connors will help buyers discover the meaning of art. Dinner guests will have access to “one night only” artwork available for purchase, as well as participating in live and silent auctions.

“One Night Only” artists include Karen Bexfield, Carol Carpenter, Elen Feinberg, Thomas Leiblein, Orlando Leyba, William Q. Sabatini, Mary Ann Strandell and David Welch.

Ticket: $ 225 each (includes link to Arts non-Gala). To reserve your space, call Elaine Richardson at 505-677-8491.

ArtsThrive un-Gala

Thursday October 7 10 p.m. – Sunday October 10 6 p.m.

Kick off the opening weekend art auction by joining us for an unconventional and unexpected event Arts non-Gala. Register today to receive free access to a video gala-thon, which will include gallery owner interviews, director cuts, artist presentations and early access to the Arts opening weekend online art auction.

• The Arts The online auction of over 300 original works of art kicks off Thursday, October 7 at 10 p.m. MST and ends Sunday, October 10 at 6 p.m. MST.

• Tickets for the link are free; registration is compulsory. The link will be emailed to registrants on Thursday October 7 and is valid until Sunday October 10 at 6 p.m.

ArtsThrive exhibition open to the public

October 9 to December 5, 2021

Buy It Now! The exhibition will be open to the public during normal Museum hours. All artwork will be available for purchase online. The works of art will remain on display until December 5; buyers can pick up their work between December 5 and 10, during normal Museum hours.

In addition to previewing and purchasing works of art online, you can view all of the works of art in the Museum’s gallery during normal visiting hours.

Arts an Albuquerque Museum Foundation program evolved into a national juryed exhibit and fundraiser showcasing the work of more than 100 artists from Albuquerque and beyond. Aimed at art lovers of all kinds – from first-time buyers to longtime collectors – Arts Thrive is the only exhibition held at the Albuquerque Museum where the works are for sale.

Artists receive 60 percent of the sale of their work; the balance goes to the Albuquerque Museum Foundation to support future museum exhibits and educational programming.

The exhibit runs through December 5, and all museum visitors are invited to support the artists and the Albuquerque Museum Foundation by purchasing a new piece of art to spruce up your home or business.

Visit for more information

2021 ArtsThrive Artists

Large format

Patrick McGrath Muniz, Holly Roberts, Nicola Lopez, Jennifer Nehrbass, Mary Tsiongas.

Small format

Jane Abrams, Donna Aldrich, Maude Andrade, Lee Andre, Michael Andryc, David Antreasian, Jo Antreasian, Carmen M. Badeau, Linda Barlow, Françoise Barnes, Edna Beauchemin, Monique Belitz, Karen Bexfield, Jack Boglioli, Anna Boothe, Teresa Brooks, Sharon Brush, Charlie Burk, Pam Caidin, Emma Rose Casady, Christopher Casey, Jennifer Cavan, Nancy Cervenka, Sean Michael Chavez, Natalie Christensen, Jill Christian, Sterling Van Deren Coke, Barbara Coleman, Sally Condon, Vicki Conley, Donna Loraine Contractor, Dave Cook, Ophelia A. Cornet, Mark A. Dierker, Connie Dillon, Chanel Doinoff, Sara Drower, Elen Feinberg, Alex Fekete, Phyllis Floyd, Robert Fogel, Ming Franz, Heather Gallegos-Rex, Kirk Gittings, Gabriel G. Gonzales, Jim Goss, KT Hancock, LaVerne Harper, Timothy Hooton, Peggy Immel, Katherine Irish, Betsy James, Dani Jeffries, Alexis Kaminsky, Aquilla Kappy, David Kappy, Aaron Karp, Vasili Katakis, Debra Keirce, Ellen Koment, Nancy Kozikowski, Ted Laredo , Thomas Leiblein, Ellen Chavez by Leitner, Jen Lesea-Ames, Orlando Leyba, Annell Livingston, Leon Loughridge, Lucy Maki, Collette Marie, Zahra H. Marwan, Corinne McAuley, Ann Maureen Meyer, Elizabeth Morisette, Tom Murray, Joe A. Oakes, Margy O’Brien , Robin Olsen, Grace Parliman, Andrea Pichaida, Steffen Plistermann, Kristine Poole, Richard Prather, Virginia Primozic, Tim Prythero, Alan Paine Radebaugh, Aaron Richardson, Elizabeth Rickert, Alanna Romero, Rémy Rotenier, Vanessa Rusczyk, Bill Sabatini, Maria Samora, Carol C. Sánchez, Larry Schulte, Dan Shaffer, Nancy Silvia, Ed Smida, Vera Sprunt, Christa Stephens, Mary Ann Strandell, Mary Sweet, Sara Smith, Ema Tanigaki, Lauren Tobey, Kevin Tolman, Linda Mae Tratechaud, Harriette Tsosie, Shawn Turung, Ross Van Dusen, Jan Vanderburg, Hilda Volkin, David Welch, Juan Wijngaard, Robert Wilson, Nancy Wohlenberg, Max Woltman, Katharine Wood, Sheryl Zacharia, Molly Zimmer and Susan J. Zimmerman.


Listen to the artists themselves talk about their inspiration and their artistic processes. Visit the ArtsThrive 2021 Reading List on our YouTube channel to meet some of the artists who will be featured in the exhibition, then visit the auction site to preview over 300 works of art available for purchase.

About the Albuquerque Museum Foundation

The Albuquerque Museum Foundation – an independent, not-for-profit corporation – raises funds for the Albuquerque Museum. The Foundation supports the Museum’s exceptional exhibitions, educational programs and acquisitions.


Contact for the ArtsThrive exhibition:
Erik Parker, 505-677-8492
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Contact for ArtsThrive events:
Elaine Richardson, 505-677-8491
[email protected]

Media contact for the Albuquerque Museum Foundation:

Denise Crouse, 505-764-6544

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