Ant and Dec’s new show Limitless Win confuses viewers


Viewers who watched Ant and Dec’s new quiz Unlimited victory, which premiered tonight (January 8), were baffled by the format.

The presenter duo welcomed players Will and Kathryn to the all-new ITV game show before explaining the rules to the audience.

In short, the game show is the first in the world to offer an endless jackpot – participants can win an “unlimited” amount of money if they continue to answer the questions correctly.

Contestants participate in pairs as they attempt to climb the “endless money ladder” by answering questions posed to them by Ant and Dec, who also read the questions for the first time.


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However, as viewers watched at home, many expressed their inability to keep up with the format.

One noted: “Me, I’m trying to sleep tonight, I’m still trying to piece together the rules and the concept of the #LimitlessWin show.”

Another spectator tweeted another confused GIF from Joey next to the comment: “Trying to figure out the new ant and dec #LimitlessWin game show.”

the unlimited victory of the ant and dec

Kieron McCarron / Hello Dolly / Miter StudiosITV

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A third spectator admitted: “Only watched 10 minutes and already totally confused and urged on to drink.”

However, a Fourth was a little more sympathetic: “Why are there so many people confused about how this show works ??? Relax, try again. Remember what everyone said about Gogglebox. I love the tension in LimitlessWin, I love it. “

However, at the show’s premiere, Gary Barlow surprised viewers on social media with the little-known fact that he composed the show’s musical theme.

Alongside a video of singer-songwriter at the piano, Gary tweeted: “I am very proud to announce that I have composed the theme for @antanddec’s new game show #LimitlessWin.”

He added, “It’s not an area I usually work in, but we had a lot of fun finding a direction and making it elevate the drama of the show.”

The unlimited victory of Ant & Dec broadcast on ITV.

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