17/7 WWE TALKING SMACK REPORT: New format dramatically changes the way the show is run, Belair challenges Carmella, more



JULY 17, 2021

Hosts: Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman

Guests this week (more interviewees than guests): Bianca Belair, Finn Balor and Jimmy & Jey Uso

– Talking Smack opened by showing the crowd live on Smackdown and my heart sank when Kevin Patrick welcomed us to Talking Smack at a new studio and also introduced a new co-host, Matt Camp.

(Morgan analysis: I don’t know what’s going on and I totally hope this isn’t the new normal. However, I’m worried, as the new set (or studio) had a very small desk and both hosts stood behind.)

– Anyway, they recapped the Roman Reigns – Edge showdown at the start of the show and briefly touched on the actual match, which the Usos and Roman won. At this point, Patrick teased that Kayla would be speaking with the Usos in a little while.

(Morgan Analysis: Okay, they’re really revamping the way this show airs. We’ll have to see if that’s the ultimate plan for the future.)

– Patrick and Camp recapped the rest of Smackdown, focusing on Finn Balor’s return and Bianca Belair retaining his title against Carmella. Patrick also teased that Kayla would be speaking with Bianca Belair and they went straight to Kayla backstage at the arena with Belair (who knows when this was filmed as there was no interaction between Kayla and the hosts. before going to this segment.)

– As Kayla was excited to hit the road back to Houston, Belair stood with her belt over her shoulder with a smile on her face. Quick note here: When Bianca Belair is just around and not acting like a “WWE Superstar,” she comes across as a star. She has a big smile and looks like a star athlete. Belair responded to Kayla’s question about how she felt with what seemed like a legitimate joy to perform in front of a live audience. Rather than being in this moment, the script demanded it, and Kayla played along by bringing up a tweet Carmella had sent, blaming her wasting so little time to prepare and “cheating” by Belair. Belair’s response was pretty good. She said she was a fighting champion and that if Carmella wants to complain, so be it, and that she wants to revive him next week.

– Of course, back in the studio, Patrick announces that the match is over, and says that Belair and Carmella would start again next Friday at Smackdown in a Championship game.

(Morgan Analysis: Really, WWE, you’ve just come out of the pandemic era of the Thunderdome and the best you can do is keep giving us the same matches over and over and over again? To me, that doesn’t bode well. good for the future WWE has learned nothing and will not learn anything, and we will continue to be subjected to this insane booking philosophy. One thought would be that Sasha Banks (if she does not show up at Money in the Bank ) will make an appearance after that game next week and claim the championship before Summerslam.)

–Patrick and Camp opened up about Balor’s return and teased that we’d be hearing from him after the break, which featured an MITB promo (Lashley vs. Kingston). Returning from the break, we had a video rehearsal of Finn’s comeback and his beating of Sami Zayn. Again they pitched to Kayla who was also backstage with Finn who responded to Kayla and said it was great to be back and then said that when she came back to the ‘blue mark’ , his plan is to win championships. Interestingly, Finn actually mentioned the word that won’t be spoken in WWE, “pandemic,” then noted how grateful he was to the fans before ending with “buckle up, we’ll take a ride” .

– Back in the studio, Patrick and Camp recapped what Finn had just said (just stupid) before moving on to the next segment. It went on for a long time, Patrick and Camp raving about Finn and his “10-pack” and his potential to win it all. Really boring, they should have done a longer segment with Finn and Kayla, than showing us these two henchmen. Patrick teased that the Usos were next, and we went on a break for another MITB promo.

– Before pitching to Kayla, Patrick touted the pre-show match between the Usos and the Mysterios, with Camp noting that the Usos must win the match because losing would drop Roman Reigns.

– Kayla was with the Usos in “their living room”, let me say Jay Uso continues to be the MVP, acting very emotional turmoil while Jimmy was just leaning back and very cold. In response to Kayla’s question whether they thought they had to win, Jimmy replied that they won on Friday, but then built the Mysterios, calling Rey the best luchador in history. At this point Jay intervened, saying that they (the Mysterios) must realize that they are stepping into the ring with the best Tag Team in WWE. Jay continued that the Usos would be the pride of the family and the bloodline would be draped in gold, and that they would be the seven-time champions. Interestingly, there was no apparent discord between the brothers and they are both on board with the bloodline to the end.

– Back in the studio, as it’s obvious this new format thinks it’s a good idea, Patrick and Camp recapped what just said, putting a WWE twist on it. Come on folks, let the viewers digest this a bit before telling them what to think.

– After that, Patrick and Camp moved on to the main corner of the show: Edge putting the chair bar in Roman’s mouth and forcing him to tap and push hard so Edge had Roman’s number and could get out. of MITB as the Universal Champion.

– With that, they exclaimed how awesome it was to have fans back, then threw in a video recap of the action and fan reaction to Smackdown on Friday.

LATEST THOUGHTS: A really quick 19 minutes this week, but a totally new format that I’m very sad about seems to have no room for Paul Heyman or for that matter Kayla Braxton, in a gaze roll. She appears to have been hijacked in brief behind-the-scenes interview segments (much like those on the main shows) that appear to have been pre-recorded as there is actually no interaction between the studio hosts and Kayla. This new format, to put it bluntly, stinks. Patrick and Camp are terrible here, adding no clue and obviously, if they’re not reading a teleprompter, are totally scripted. What made Talking Smack such an enjoyable watch was the interaction of Kayla and her co-host (Paul Heyman and even Pat McAfee) with the wrestlers and while there were scripts there was also room for people’s personalities to break through WWE’s fourth wall. I know I’m repeating myself, but it was absolutely terrible. He wasn’t an interviewer and wrestler standing in front of a screen and cutting off a passionate promo. It was just bland WWE language, with no room to breathe. Maybe the worst part of it all, as I noted above, was that when we got back to the studio after the interview, we were immediately given a recap and structuring of what we were meant to be. think and remember from the wrestler promo. It might be fine for a 12 year old, but for any kind of thinking adult, it was insulting and ruined everything. This continues a trend for WWE. They program for kids and let adults do their best not to bang their heads against the wall. I really hope they reconsider this format.

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